Hosted Parsoid configuration and troubleshooting

See our public wiki and private wiki configurations.

If the above links' instructions do not work, please see the troubleshooting instructions provided below.

  1. Be sure that you have been confirmed by MyWikis to have your wiki authorized for Parsoid.
  2. Run the latest stable version of MediaWiki and VisualEditor.
  3. Visit a page on your wiki and try the "Edit" button (not the "Edit source" button). If that does not work, try going to an unmade page and press "Create" instead of "Create source."
  4. If that succeeds, congratulations! Your Parsoid service now works.

If this configuration does not work and pops up an error message:

  1. Either our server is down (you can check by going to in your browser; there should be a page that says "Welcome to the Parsoid service" if it is up.)
  2. or your wiki configuration needs to be fixed a bit:

Try getting the NetworkAuth ( extension and putting this in your LocalSettings.php file:

require_once( "$IP/extensions/NetworkAuth/NetworkAuth.php" );

$wgNetworkAuthUsers[] = array(

'iprange' => array(''),

'user' => 'parsoid'

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