Adding extensions or skins onto your wiki

Here at MyWikis, we are all about customizing your wiki! A major part of that is MediaWiki extensions and skins. We're able to install most MediaWiki extensions and skins (to a reasonable extent). Certain extensions are not supported on our MyWikis Basics, Pro, or Corporate plans, but may be available through our VPS plans. In the rare case that an extension needs to be purchased, MyWikis will wait until the customer purchases the extension to install it. Contact support for more information on whether we support an extension or not.

To install an extension or skin onto your wiki, please create a support ticket and specify the extension or skin you would like installed onto your wiki. A link to your extension or skin would be very helpful.

We try not to limit the amount of wikis you can install on your wiki. However, we kindly request the amount of extensions requested to be a reasonable amount. Our support staff manually install each extension for you because the installation procedure for each extension is different. With thousands of possible extensions to install, each with different configuration options, we believe our expert human-guided installation ensures extensions will work the best possible way for your wiki specifically. 99% of clients won’t need to install more than 20 extensions on their wiki. In the off chance you’ll need to install more than 20 extensions in one month, we charge a small $0.50 fee per additional extension. Good news: we don’t count the number of Semantic MediaWiki extensions you want towards this limit :). For instance, if you want to install 30 extensions at once, you can either wait for 10 extensions to be installed next month and not pay any fee, or you can pay $5 for all 30 extensions to be installed at once.

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