Scope of MyWikis technical support

While standard technical support is included with your wiki plan, tutorial assistance is included in our extended service plan.

Included with all plans:

  • Standard website technical support
  • Emergency issue resolution (when something breaks on our end)
  • Installation of extensions
  • Configuration of wiki settings that cannot be done by editing the wiki (i.e. LocalSettings.php configuration)
  • Wiki software maintenance
  • Complimentary content import
  • …and other technical support of this nature.

Extended service plan only:

  • Step-by-step guidance on using features in MediaWiki
  • Configuration of wiki settings by editing a page in the wiki (i.e. pages in the MediaWiki namespace) or through a special page
  • Configuration of wiki scripts and styling (JavaScript and CSS)
  • Import of templates
  • Custom skins (to a certain extent—we do not create custom designs, but can help implement pre-existing small-scale designs)
  • …and other tutorial assistance with using the MediaWiki software.

More information about the extended service plan (ESP) is available at

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