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Wikispaces will be shutting down in the near future. We are here to help you migrate your content from Wikispaces to MyWikis.

Before we get started, please fill out our wiki creation form at This will help us get the necessary information for your wiki and start up a support ticket where we'll begin to coordinate your migration.

Things to know before migration

We will import all content pages and all files included with your wiki. While we strive for completeness, there is a chance we might miss a few pages. It is your responsibility to let us know within 30 days if we've left out a page or file so that we can import it. Otherwise, we reserve the right to delete your import after 30 days and we might not be able to recover it.

We are not able to import discussion data at this time due to the various issues that Wikispaces' discussion data contains, as well as the general absence of a discussion import feature in MediaWiki. You may preserve the data for your future use but it will not be imported for you.

We are also not able to import your sidebar automatically. You will need to access it yourself and make a new sidebar in the MediaWiki format on the MediaWiki:Sidebar page of your wiki.

Your original homepage is located at "Home". On MediaWiki, the homepage is located at "Main Page". To change the homepage location from "Main Page" to "Home", go to MediaWiki:Mainpage and change the contents from Main Page to Home.

To ensure that we can import as much information as possible, please make sure your page names are as alphanumeric as possible. Make sure all of your pages meet the following requirements. If they do not, there is a chance our import script will not include them.

  • Base names beginning with a lower-case letter (in any alphabet).
  • Titles starting with a lowercase letter are automatically converted to leading uppercase
  • Titles containing the characters # < > [ ] | { } _ (which have special meanings in Wiki syntax), the non-printable ASCII characters 0–31, the "delete" character 127, or HTML character codes such as &.
  • Special characters like ( ) & + are translated into their equivalent %-hex notation
  • Base names beginning with a colon (:).
  • Base names equal to "." or "..", or beginning "./" or "../", or containing "/./" or "/../", or ending "/." or "/..".
  • Base names whose length exceeds 255 bytes. Be aware that non-ASCII characters may take up to four bytes in UTF-8 encoding, so the total number of characters you can fit into a title may be less than 255.
  • Titles beginning with any non-standard capitalization of a namespace prefix, alias or interwiki/interlanguage prefix, or any of these with a space (underscore) before or after the colon. For example, it is not possible for a title to begin "HELP:", "HeLp:", "Help :" or "Help:_".
  • Titles consisting of only a namespace prefix, with nothing after the colon.
  • Titles beginning or ending with a space (underscore), or containing two or more consecutive spaces (underscores).
  • Titles containing 3 or more consecutive tildes. (~~~)
  • A title can normally contain the character %. However it cannot contain % followed by two hexadecimal digits (which would cause it to be converted to a single character, by percent-encoding).
Please note that Wikispaces and MediaWiki have different formatting. (Some formatting is the same, but others are not.) Furthermore, Wikispaces puts absolute links in their exports, which will remain after the import. As a result, pages with lots of file embeds, formatting, or links will require more content "touching up" than usual due to the difference in syntax. While some pages may appear broken, they can be fixed. If your pages are heavily custom modified then they will require significant modification post import.

Migration process

To begin the migration process, go to your Wikispaces wiki's "Settings" tab. Go to the "Exports / Backups" subtab and request a new export for "MediaWiki" in "Unix .tgz" format, as shown below. You may also elect to export an HTML version for completeness of backup, just in case we don't import everything for you.

After you have downloaded your file, we'll provide you a Dropbox for you to upload your file. Create a new ticket on the MyWikis Client Panel asking for the Dropbox link. We'll handle the rest from here; we'll use this file to import your Wikispaces content to your new wiki here at MyWikis!

Please do not share your Wikispaces credentials with us in order for us to complete this above process for you. While we want to make this process as easy for you as possible, we do not wish to be liable for any security breaches.
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