Nonprofit discount

Wikis for nonprofit organizations are entitled to reduced fees and tax exemptions. Our nonprofit discount can be used as long as proof of nonprofit status is provided and the wiki is being used for an appropriate nonprofit purpose.

As of August 10, 2018, nonprofit organizations will receive a 40% discount on MyWikis Pro. This means nonprofit organizations only pay $6.59 per month instead of the regular $10.99 per month rate, or $65.99 per year instead of $109.99 per year.

To receive this discount when signing up, use the promo code NONPROFIT and the discount will automatically be applied to your cart. We will follow up to verify your organization's status after payment. For U.S.-based nonprofits, you will need to send us your 501(c)(3) letter of determination from the IRS. For nonprofits based in other countries, please send us the respective tangible evidence of your official nonprofit status in your jurisdiction. If you are part of an educational institution, using an email address provided by your educational institution is considered sufficient evidence for the discount.

Nonprofits based in Texas will need to submit an additional form to be eligible for sales tax exemption, as required by state law. See the sales tax knowledgebase article for more information (specifically, the section entitled: "We are a Texas nonprofit entity exempted from sales taxes. Can you exempt sales tax for us?"). Sales tax will continue to be charged until this form is submitted to us, even if your subscription is charged at the discounted nonprofit rate. Any sales tax collected by us before the form is submitted to us can be reclaimed from the Comptroller's Office.

The nonprofit discount is only for qualified organizations legally recognized as nonprofits by their governments. Anyone who fraudulently claims the nonprofit discount will have their services terminated and will be held legally liable to pay restitution of the difference between the nonprofit pricing and the regular pricing.

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