Exporting wiki content

MyWikis respects the right to your intellectual property. Upon request, we will provide an XML dump of the entirety of your wiki's contents, including your wiki's complete edit history. This XML dump is generated by the MediaWiki software and is compatible with any MediaWiki installation. You are also able to generate an XML dump from your wiki's Special:Export page.

In order to provide your wiki the best experience possible, MyWikis frequently incorporates internal configurations in each wiki's configuration files. As a result of such security concerns, we generally do not release database dumps of wikis, nor wiki configuration files such as LocalSettings.php. Providing content dumps but not complete database dumps is an industry-wide information security practice. However, our VPS plans include jail SSH access, and therefore are able to access database dumps if so desired.

We understand your concern for data safety. That's why we back up your wiki's database and contents every single day. However, we do not regularly send XML or database dumps to clients because doing so would place a significant burden on our operations. We would rather use our resources to serve the content on wikis rather than generate dumps. In order to assure other MyWikis operations are maintained (such as customer support and other technical operations), we only offer content dumps by request. However, you are more than welcome to request a content dump anytime you'd like, as long as it is not unreasonably often (i.e. no more than once per two weeks).

If you are exporting your wiki's content to move your wiki outside of MyWikis, please give us notice at least two weeks in advance of cancelling your subscription. MyWikis will send you a complete XML dump of your wiki if requested two weeks in advance of your cancellation. Once you cancel your wiki, we reserve the right to delete your data. Therefore, once your wiki is canceled, we cannot fulfill requests for XML dumps. To ensure your data is preserved, please make export requests before you cancel.

If you request an XML dump, please specify whether you would like the full history of your wiki included or only the current versions of each page. This will speed up how long it takes for us to prepare the dump for you. Please note that requesting a full history dump may take longer to fulfill than a current version only dump.

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