Paying with your U.S. bank account

We recommend paying with your U.S. bank account directly over using a credit card. As of September 14, 2020, we'll provide a 0.5% discount for any payments made with your bank account, beginning after when you request this discount.

Follow these instructions to start paying with your U.S. bank account:

  1. To get started, select the Bank Account payment method option when making your order.
  2. Once you've ordered your product, visit the unpaid invoice and press the green "Pay Now" button. You will be brought to a page where you can securely sign in to your bank account with Plaid. (We won't ever store any of your bank credentials on our servers.)
  3. After authorizing with Plaid, we'll be able to charge against your bank account.
  4. Once the payment is processed, you'll be able to use your product.

If the process to draw money from your bank account is taking too long, you can use a credit card instead for just your first payment, and then use your bank account for future payments.

The 0.5% discount only applies once you've made a request for it. You can make the request by creating a support ticket. Our support team will be happy to assist you with making sure you're all set up correctly and will help apply this discount to your account.

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